What is carved in memory fertilises the soil, bringing life to the new.
For the founders of „Wood Szczęścia” (meaning: stroke of luck) their Proust’s Madeleines evoke the childhood memories of long summers spent with grandparents in the most idyllic country house on Earth. The house is filled with beautifully crafted furniture, with an abundance of hideaways for all of their secret precious treasures and talismans.

Precious memories are what drives them to design and produce unique furniture for children in the spirit of times past with a range of styles. From the staple ‘70s cabinet, to glass-cases inspired by the 1950s, to hand- decorated wardrobes that are a tribute to modernism. All are created with an admiration of serene and traditional craft, bringing tranquility to the home as if they’d always belonged there.

Wood Szczęścia’s signature pieces transfigure a child’s bedroom into a lush blossoming, graciously ruled kingdom, where everything exists for a reason. This quality furniture will serve for many years like the most loyal knights. Stones, sticks, dried petals and mussel shells can be hidden away but be ready to summon smile whenever it’s most needed.

Solid wood is the medium of choice. Being the perfect conductor of ideas and original designs. As if the pines and beeches hold a special message coded in their unique knots. Wood Szczęścia have found a way to decipher that natural code and use it as a blueprint when designing desks, wardrobes, cribs and children’s beds or doll houses. In order to maintain safety and last for all time, Wood Szczęścia use only water based paints and eco-friendly oils.

Furniture that makes kids happy children