The Desk MIZA

Absolute necessity when your child begins a new adventure in education or home schooling. This well-designed and crafted desk helps getting home-work done with ease and pleasure. It’s easier to wonder and concentrate with your elbows on the solid wood counter, having at your disposal everything that’s needed for perfect doodles and your very first letters and sentences. The discreet drawers will hold the complete set of school supplies as well as some dried leaves, half eaten snacks, scrap-paper notes and a diary secured with a little pad lock.




Dimensions: 99,5 x 50 x 75 cm

Shipping: Product mounted and shipped on a pallet. Delivered right to your door, except bringing it up the stairs.

The colors visible on the monitor screen were generated electronically. They may differ from the actual colors of the paintwork, because the perception of colors is influenced by many factors: lighting in the room, type of painted substrate, finish and gloss of the material.

Waiting time: 6 weeks

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

Any color from the NCS palette, Bottle green, Brick, Burgundy, Champagne, Dark grey, Dirty blue, Green, Grey, Honey, Navy, Oil – Maple, Oil – Oak, Oil – Walnut, Pink, White